Digital Art

Featuring Multi-dimensional Volumetric Display

Volumetric LED displays are made up of intelligent light particles that control the emission of light within a space. Light has the ability to transform ideas into visual treats that occupy three-dimensional spaces with fluid movements reminiscent of art.
LED motion tracking and emitting information gathered by image sensing systems, environmental conditions, and space tracking create volumetric visual content in real-time.
This multi-dimensional LED display with a 3D surround sound system can be used for interactive & immersive activations.
Dragon O by LED Pulse, in collaboration with @option1live, has established a new level of immersive technology integration in the world of events, experiential innovation labs, hotels & digital art centers. Recently featured at the CES 2022 Las Vegas; main stage for the Abbott Keynote,  the virtual twin activation for Dassault Systems at the CES North hall in Las Vegas Conference Centre, or motion tracking in a spectacular time-coded interactive performance at the stunning ME Dubai by Melia, a show curated by @option1live & LedPulse for the media launch of their Digital Christmas campaign.
Volumetric Led is a modular anatomy that can be assembled in wide variety of shapes and configurations, nearly infinite ways. Further adaptable to cross platform integration using ready API's & a growing library of content.The possibilities for creators are limitless.
From temporary displays and live shows to permanent architectural installations, the modularity and precision of our system adapts to the environment & its limitations. We can generate content that follows an innovative approach to visual and experiential storytelling. Imagine the power of hundreds of light particles being controlled by humans in a 3D scenario.
Volumetric displays is a new form of digital art with endless evolving possibilities within a 360º setting. A new way of marketing audio-visual content like never seen before!