Volumetric Art at Jax Festival with Dragon O


Experience the breathtaking beauty of a three-dimensional visual masterpiece that left audiences in awe. ODS Labs's groundbreaking technology transported attendees on an unforgettable journey, creating an immersive experience like no other. At Jax Festival, the boundaries of art were redefined as we pushed the limits of what was possible. Participants witnessed a momentous fusion of creativity and innovation, becoming part of a remarkable convergence of art and technology.


Through the innovative adaptation of volumetric LED technology, participants were immersed in a three-dimensional visual experience that brought virtual content to life. The concept also incorporated advanced motion tracking capabilities, enabling precise and responsive tracking of user movements. With gesture control functionality, users had the ability to interact and manipulate three-dimensional content, adding an extra layer of interactivity and immersion to their digital encounters.

jax 1


Transport into the spectacular world of real 3D spaces formed by thousands of Pixels, Art and Technology. With complete custom array control, full RGB range and integration with motion tracking sensors, music, touch interfaces, face tracking and so much more, this display technology can create some truly unique experiences.

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