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    • PHP Developer

      Location : Pune, India

      Option 1 is looking for gifted individuals, to be a part of it’s core team that designs and implements world class software solutions and services.


      Role Description

      • The desired candidate will be responsible for developing next-generation web applications & software products.
      • Analysing requirements, problems and solving them with the best solution.
      • Producing high-quality code without much supervision and on-time delivery.


      Skills and Qualifications

      • Candidates with experience in event/exhibition based apps and solutions (eg. Aruba framework, 360 VR) are preferred
      • Desired candidate must have 2 to 3 years of experience in core PHP Programming
      • Strong coding skills, good analytical and problem-solving skills
      • Must have excellent communication skills and ability to work independently


      Tools of the Trade

      • Strong core PHP Hands on experience.
      • Strong Expertise in MVC (CodeIgniter / Laravel) Framework.
      • Good knowledge of OOP concepts.
      • Good Knowledge of PHP5, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, XML, Bootstrap
      • Sound knowledge of database designing and application architecture planning for Core PHP projects.
      • Good debugging skills.
      • Experience in payment gateway integration


    • Admin Support

      Location : Pune, India

      Administrative Support:

      • Perform general administrative tasks such as managing phone calls, emails, and correspondence.
      • Maintain and update studio records, databases, and filing systems.
      • Prepare documents, reports, and presentations as required.
      • Coordinate meetings, appointments etc for studio staff.
      • Assist with budgeting, invoicing, and financial record-keeping.

      Customer Service:

      • Greet and assist visitors, clients, and artists in a professional and friendly manner.
      • Respond to inquiries, provide information, and address customer concerns.
      • Ensure a positive and welcoming environment for all studio visitors.

      Studio Operations:

      • Assist with the day-to-day operations of the studio, ensuring it is clean, organized, and well-maintained.
      • Manage inventory of tee shirts, equipment, and studio materials.
      • Coordinate with vendors and suppliers for the procurement of necessary studio resources.
      • Assist in coordinating and setting up studio events, workshops, and exhibitions.

      Team Collaboration:

      • Collaborate with employees, from different regions to ensure smooth workflow and effective communication.
      • Assist in coordinating and supporting collaborative projects and initiatives.
      • Contribute to a positive and supportive team culture.
    • Performance Marketing Executive

      Location : Pune, India

       Key Responsibilities

      • Creating and executing a strong performance marketing strategy & execution plan
      • Managing social media strategy to drive user engagement
      • Developing and managing digital prospecting and remarketing campaigns in coordination with our design team
      • Managing budgets and campaigns across all digital channels to drive strong return on investment and efficient CAC
      • Ensuring successful planning, execution, optimization for key traffic KPIs via paid, organic & own media channels
      • Identifying and testing new channels to continue to meet or exceed established critical metrics
      • Working closely with the management to share funnel conversion improvement ideas, feedback & present results.
      • Weekly analysis and reporting on all Performance and Social Marketing campaigns.

       Key Requirements

      • You should have at-least 3 years prior experience in a similar role as well as experience in building effective multi-channel marketing strategies, including affiliate marketing, PPC, SEO, social media and other digital channels.
      • Strong experience with performance marketing for Both B2B and B2C channels including Google/ youtube, Linked in, Facebook/Instagram.
      • You should have solid expertise in campaign and channel analysis and reporting, including Google Analytics experience.
      • You should possess excellent analytical skills and leverage data, metric, analytics and consumer behavior trends to drive actionable insights & recommendations.
      • You should be a highly goal-oriented individual and also have excellent communication skills.
      • You should be open minded, curious and a strong problem solver.
    • 3D Generalist

      Location : Dubai

      1. 3D Modeling: Creating 3D models of characters, objects, environments, and organic elements using specialized software like 3ds Max / C4D / Blender, etc. This involves polygonal modeling, sculpting, and texturing.
      2. Texturing and Shading: Applying realistic textures, materials, and shaders to 3D models to enhance their visual appeal and create a desired look and feel. This may involve creating UV maps, painting textures, and utilizing procedural texturing techniques.
      3. Lighting and Rendering: Setting up lighting rigs and environments to achieve desired moods, atmospheres, and visual effects. Rendering refers to the process of generating final images or animations from 3D scenes using software like Arnold / Substance painter / Unreal / V-Ray / RenderMan.
      4. Rigging and Animation: Rigging involves creating skeletal structures and controls for characters or objects, enabling them to be animated realistically. Animation entails bringing 3D models to life through movement, acting, and performance.
      5. Particle Systems and Dynamics: Creating and simulating dynamic effects such as fire, smoke, water, cloth, hair, or other physics-based phenomena to add realism and visual interest to scenes.
      6. Compositing: Integrating 3D elements with live-action footage or 2D visual elements using software like Adobe After Effects or Nuke. This involves layering, color grading, and applying visual effects to achieve a seamless final composition.
      7. Collaboration and Communication: Working closely with other team members, such as art directors, animators, modelers, and visual effects artists, to understand project requirements, provide input, and ensure effective project execution. Clear communication and the ability to work well in a collaborative environment are crucial.
      8. Problem Solving and Troubleshooting: Identifying and resolving technical issues, optimizing performance, and finding creative solutions to challenges that may arise during the production process.
      9. Staying Up-to-Date: Keeping abreast of the latest trends, tools, and techniques in the field of 3D graphics and animation through continuous learning, attending workshops or conferences, and exploring new software or plugins that can enhance workflow efficiency and quality.
      Please include your portfolio link in your CV.
    • Creative Director

      Location :

      Participate in research and presentation of new design proposals to clients or managers

      Spearhead and manage content strategy for both small-scale and large-scale projects, harnessing strategy, digital and brand design, compelling content, and technology

      Act as creative lead for all projects, partnering with clients, producers, film crews, editors, graphic artists, and sound designers to achieve the finished product.

      Provide creative targets for all team members on a project.

      Creating 3D models from architectural plans, rough sketches or real – life objects using the provided rendering software

      Enhancing images and adding special effects creatively

      Delivering Design Visualization & Presentation Projects to clients

      Excellent design creativity, flair, and positive attitude

      Assist in creative problem-solving at the initial request stage, offering creative ways to accomplish the requestor’s needs within their project constraints and budgets.

    • Social Media Executive

      Location : Pune

      Develop engaging, creative, and innovative content for regularly scheduled posts, that promotes brand-focused messages.


      Manage the social media platforms of the organization & schedule all  social media posts


      Create brand awareness


      Respond to the comments on social media on time.


      Create paid social media campaigns for advertising.


      Monitor social media metrics and ROI.


      Analyze social media trends.


      Prepare social media engagement and activity reports.


      Optimizing social media content effectively.


      Coordinate with Graphic Designer and other team members for content development


      Stay up to date with the latest social media advertising efforts and goals.


      Develop engaging social media strategies.


      Maintain a secure database of all login credentials.

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