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    • Senior 3D Animator/ Motion Graphics Artist

      Location : Dubai

      A key part of working as a 3D artist is creating graphics or effects. This includes working with a team of animators and other artists to work on events, games, or visual effects.


      Research Upcoming Projects

      3D artists research upcoming projects to help find new ways to create designs or animations. This sometimes includes developing storyboards to map out how scenes will look.


      Conceptualize Designs

      In the initial stages of a project, 3D artists help conceptualize ideas and processes to come up with the best plan of action. This is especially the case if a 3D artist specializes in a particular area of 3D effects and their expertise is crucial to the project’s success.


      Edit Effects After Feedback

      3D artists receive feedback from directors, clients, or others, and edit renders or effects based on these comments or suggestions. Larger projects will often go through many iterations before the final design is approved.


      Meet with Clients

      Part of a 3D artist’s role is meeting with clients, designers, or directors to review projects and deadlines and agree on development timelines. These meetings may involve collaborating on design ideas and coming up with new suggestions for improving a project.


      Skills and Qualifications

      3D artists should have an aptitude for art and creativity, be skilled in using different and emerging computer software, and be equally comfortable working independently as well as part of a larger team. Typically, employers will require a bachelor’s degree in art or computer graphics, a portfolio, and the following abilities:

      • Artistic skills – 3D artists need a talent for art and a strong understanding of color, texture, and light, and how these elements work together
      • Time management – when working on projects with tight deadlines, the ability to prioritize tasks is essential to a 3D artist’s job
      • Computer skills – using computer software and editing programs is a key part of this role. 3D artists need strong computer skills and must ?stay on top of the latest technologies and techniques to remain an asset to employers
      • Teamwork – 3D artists should have a collaborative personality and be able to work with other members of the team, such as designers or developers
      • Creativity – a creative mindset is essential to being a successful 3D artist. This job requires brainstorming new ideas on a regular basis and strategizing ways to stand out from the competition


      Tools of the Trade

      3D artists should be familiar with the following tools:

      • 3D Max
      • Vector works
      • Sketchup
      • Photoshop
      • Illustrator
      • (Maya & cinema 4d is an added advantage)
    • Editor

      Location : Dubai

      Skills & Responsibilities

      • Edit film until it meets director's specifications.
      • Watch scenes and determine which will end up on cutting room floor.
      • Rearrange scenes
      • Work with and manipulate raw camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects.
      • Determine which camera angles to use.
      • Insert music, sound, or optical effects.
      • Use nonlinear digital editing systems to edit clips.
      • Work with work prints to organize the scenes and transitions that make up a film.
      • Create edit decision lists to correspond to the edge numbers.
      • Edit film for commercials, station identification, and public service messages on television films and tapes.
      • Check films for damage.
      • Purge damaged or old tapes.
      • Work on feature films, television programs, music videos, corporate training videos or advertisements.
      • Reorder and tweak the content to ensure the logical sequencing and smooth running of the film/video.
      • Input uncut rushes and sound.
      • Determine exact cutting for final stages.
      • Work with director to achieve desired end result.


      Tools of the Trade

      Work experience in the event management industry will be an advantage

      The work demands creative flair, up-to-date knowledge of industry software and a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines.

      • Keen Knowledge of the following:
      • Adobe After Effects
      • Adobe Premiere
      • Adobe photoshop
      • Final cut Pro
      • Any Other Editorial Software
      • Knowledge of video camera
    • Creative Director

      Location : Pune, India


      Option 1 Events is looking for an experienced Creative Director with a unique blend of creative vision and business sense. 

      You will lead the team of designers, copywriters, account managers, and sales representatives, guiding the marketing and promotional efforts that bring client products and services to market. 

      You must possess a keen understanding of current design and style trends. You must have the ability to inspire and collaborate with a team of producers, and creative editors. 

      The goal is to achieve the best possible outcome of our projects both visually and essentially to meet customer expectations and drive our sustainable growth.

      Objectives of this Role

      • Build, lead, and review work of the creative team in the production of all events architecture, story boarding & film production
      • Spearhead and manage content strategy for both small-scale and large-scale projects, harnessing strategy, digital and brand design, compelling content, and technology
      • Develop internal marketing campaigns that translate marketing objectives across business units into clear and motivating creative strategies
      • Work strategically with director and Forge creative leadership to ensure work is delivered with the highest levels of creativity and production value, and that it meets or exceeds industry standards.
      • Act as creative lead for all projects, partnering with clients, producers, film crews, editors, graphic artists, and sound designers to achieve the finished product.
      • Provide creative target for all team members on a project.
      • Work with clients to develop strategies and generate new ideas around these strategies.
      • Develop and pitch creative concepts to franchise teams and other departments to proactively fulfill needs for content.
      • Assist in creative problem solving at the initial request stage, offering creative ways to accomplish the requestor’s needs within their project constraints and budgets.
      • Write creative briefs, outlines, scripts, and interview questions. 
      • Guide and direct film, video and photo shoots, and conduct filmed interviews.
      • Guide capturing of gameplay materials.
      • Work with and guide editors during projects, provide creative direction, and participate in client reviews.
      • Working with sound, provide creative direction on music development and mixes.
      • Prioritize work and resources across engagements based on short- and long-term needs, establishing production schedules by collaborating with designers, copywriters, and film production departments in India, KSA & UAE
      • Conduct brainstorming sessions with creative team, maintaining strategic and creative thinking to develop innovative and actionable creative initiatives in a fiscally responsible manner
      • Present, or oversee presentation of final concepts, and obtain approvals for deliverables
      • Be a “hands-on” creative director with a full knowledge of Adobe Master Suite.
      • Meet budget standards by forecasting and managing expenses along with the Business Manager

      Skills and Qualifications

      • Bachelor's Degree in Design, Film, Media, Communications, related field or equivalent work experience
      • A minimum of 5 years’ professional experience as Creative Director or Associate Creative Director at a film production company, advertising agency, or branded content production company
      • Demonstrated history of high-quality, high-impact video content creation for online audiences
      • Deep understanding of established and emerging trends in content consumption and audience habits
      • Exemplary organizational skills and the ability to direct multiple projects under tight deadlines
      • Excellent communication and presentation skills
    • VFX Artist

      Location : DubI

      Using software, VFX artists create visually engaging motion graphics and animations. This sometimes involves working with two- or three-dimensional models. The animations and graphics they create are stylistically consistent and enhance the visual style of their work.

      VFX artists create realistic visual effects using particles, animation, sprites, materials, and more. Working within a team, VFX artists collaborate with engineers, designers, and team leads to create visual assets.


      Skills and Qualifications

      • VFX artists have a proven ability to create visual effects, and they have an eye for visuals and art. The following skills and qualifications are essential to the job:
      • Animation experience – VFX artists have an eye for engaging visuals, and they have experience creating high-quality images. They understand motion, animation, scaling, and timing
      • Video production – VFX artists understand the technical aspects of video production, such as staging, sound, and lighting
      • Computer proficiency – VFX artists are comfortable using computer tools and software to create visual effects or to enhance their work
      • Communication skills – working with other team members requires strong communication and collaboration skills. VFX artists discuss needs for projects and work with others to ensure goals are met and that the final product is satisfactory
      • Time management – juggling deadlines and projects. Their time management skills help them maintain a clear and consistent schedule