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The inception of Option 1 Event Services Event as a specialized Live Communication division began when the recovery of Dubai from economic downturn was still in its infancy.

Option 1 Event Services was established as a specialized division of Live Communication. Its birth coincided with the early stages of recuperation of Dubai economy from a meltdown. The harsh time was more of a motivation than an obstacle to the pioneers who had been active in the industry since 1997. This was a golden moment, in an ever-changing market, to create a unique company that would merge event technology and content. The “1” signifies the best alternative that has been examined from all dimensions and a result of critical thinking. The prominence of the imaginative product is signified by the red color which also serves to draw out its stunning attribute. An infinite symbol engulfed within the logo denotes our ability to create boundless solutions to any challenging undertaking. The unified direction of the multicultural distinction of Option1’s inventive workforce is well represented by the motion, direction, and features of our convention lettering. The custom fonts also symbolize our staffs’ imaginativeness, passion, and vitality-driven confidence. The motion of the font style is discerned to be in the same direction despite the fact that the distinctions are unmistakable. This is a connotation of unification within the company whose diverse employees have a common objective - the satisfaction of the clients.