Enhance your brand with this Unique 3D football activation


Option 1 is ready to celebrate the spirit of FIFA 2022 with a unique mixed media football activation with the world’s most advanced 3D volumetric display - Dragon O by LEDpulse.

This Activation can be fully customised with your brand logo and 3D volumetric content.

PERFECT FOR : Live Events as an activation concept or a stage launch trigger, Digital Galleries, Malls & clubs.

Stand in the defined area

kick the digital foot ball

Interact with the 3D digital avatar

Live digital data board


The Dragon O Volumetric 3D LED system is a Patented Technology.

Pre-programmed MCU slave controllers and master LED control allows for precise and responsive display.

6000 LED Neurons per module with individual microchips.

Full RGB Range of colors to provide vivid experience.


In terms of content, our focus was to bring the closest version of a football player through the digital avatar. The content Combines 2D projection mapping along with Dragon O Content allowing for seamless integration for the live digital scoreboard and game functionality.


The setup includes a combination of advanced motion capture and proximity sensing technology that allow storing and real time transmission of joint data of Human Body into the Volumetric 3D environment.


In order to recreate a complete stadium experience, the visuals were accompanied by custom developed audio combined with a hight quality audio system to provide an immersive soundscape every time the player misses or scores a goal.