Understanding Quantum Number Random Generation at GITEX Global 2023


When the Technology Innovation Institute wanted to showcase an activation featuring QRNG technology, ODS Labs found the best way to display it.

Quantum Random Number generaton is at the forefront of Cryptographic technology and allows for true Random number generation without using a seed. 

Utilizing the voxels of our 3D Volumetric LED display, attendees were left mesmerized by the fusion of mathematics and technology. They engaged with the Quantum Random Number Generator, witnessing the secrets of randomness and the approximation of pi with astounding accuracy.

Random Numbers in 3D Space

In order to capture the speed and the true randomness of the output from Technology Innovation Institute's QRNG Device we decided to display the real time data on the 3D Led structure of the Volumetric display represented as a waterfall with different colors representing the 1s and 0s . Each voxel represented a different value allowing for some mesmerising visuals.

Volumetric QNRG

Representing randomness through geometry

In order to artistically show the nature of Randomness we used a simple mathematical representation of an image with a circle inside a square. The Output from the QRNG device would place a random dot and the system would simply calculate if the dot was inside or outside the circle. as the number of points increased you would be able to see that the total number of dots divided by the dots inside the circle would continuities reach closer and closer to Pi asserting that there were no system biases during the Number generation process.


It's so random you can find Words?

The QNRG device outputs a huge amount of Random data every second. Its so random and numerous that your chances of finding up to a 4 letter word within the ASCII output is pretty high. For our second activation, in order to emphasise this fact you could search for any 4 letter word and our system would tell you in real time how many times that word occurred within the random output over the last 5 seconds. 

QNRG random word finder
QNRG random word finder