Mixed Reality Apps: Where Digital Meets Physical


At ODS Labs we are working on the cutting edge of AR for commercial applications and interactive experiences. In This Case Study we showcase an AR experience that mixes the digital and physical World using the passthrough capabilities of the latest in Augmented Reality headsets like the Meta Quest 3 and the Apple Vision Pro.

We are able to create UI elements that can provide overlayed information that is static to a particular location in space, or tied to a surface, but also create AR control surfaces that allow you to directly manipulate hardware in the physical space as we have demonstrated using  our Volumetric Display in the above video.

Creating compelling AR User interfaces

Using the latest developments in hand tracking technology we were able to create a controller-less experience. This requires a new kind of human interface guideline on how to interact with digital interfaces and the sizes of touch targets. We can also use multi touch and gestures to create unique user experiences in Augmented or Virtual Reality

AR VR User interface

Interacting with the real world through AR

Due to the high quality of pass through video on the latest generation of AR headsets like the Meta Quest 3 and the Apple vision pro, we are able to trigger hardware in the real world while still inside the headset. In this example we have triggered our award winning Volumetric LED the Dragon O using an AR based control panel

AR VR Interacting with Hardware
Volumetric LED AR VR

Creating a realistic simulation

Realistic physics simulations allow you to tie the Virtual world to the real world and that is what really anchors your experience to the environment.

Our technology is able to precisely detect surfaces, walls and obstacles and place digital objects realistically in your environment. Objects have weight and will interact with your surroundings appropriately.

With our in-house team of talented 3D artists and interactive developers  we are able to build AR applications based on your needs and requirements

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VR AR Physics
AR VR Physics