Hybrid Experience with Sparkup


Discover the future of hybrid events with ODS Live and Sparkup, a groundbreaking partnership that transforms audience engagement in the region. Virtual hybrid events have struggled to encourage genuine interaction, but Sparkup changes the game with its clever approach. Sparkup changes how events work by seamlessly connecting attendees on screen, creating an exciting mosaic of participants that brings the event to life. Experience live reactions, join real-time discussions, and effortlessly engage with on-stage content.


Highlighted by its range of features, Sparkup takes event engagement to the next level. From dynamic audience polling that captures the crowd's feelings to immersive engagement tools, Sparkup turns events into unforgettable experiences. Immerse yourself in 4K resolution video feeds that suit large screens, surrounding you with stunning visuals that transport you right into the heart of the event. Concerns about disruptions are taken care of by Sparkup's built-in AI powered moderation skills, guaranteeing a smooth event flow.